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Michealle Smith (michealle@hotmail.com)
Datum:Do 27 Sep 2007 21:38:50 CEST
Betreff:God's Love!

Hallo Pastor Sylvester,
thank you for the good news yesterday.
May God bless you always.
Michealle Smith


Rev. Simon Peter M. Okwayo (pastorokwayo@yahoo.com)
Datum:Di 24 Jul 2007 13:10:11 CEST
Betreff:Keep Up The Faith!!

Thanks for the great work in the ministry and church as a whole. I sense greater things yet to surface. May God bles you and energise you for His work even in Freiburg.
Simon Peter Okwayo
Pastor/Apostle: http://www.kenyarevival.blogspot.com


Evang. Darlington (Kemdarl@yahoo.com)
Datum:Mo 12 Mär 2007 20:49:40 CET
Betreff:God is with us

Beloved in the Lord,

I have seen the good work this church is doing in Freiburg. From a humble beginning of running helter skelter to help out in prisons, Refugee camps, Hospitals, Old people's homes etc, by the General Overseer and team to attending to the personal needs of it's members, this church has now come of age and it is now an eloquent testimony in Freiburg that God is answering the prayers of this church.

Those who came into the church without papers have now been blessed with their papers, those needing children have now babies, lonely bachelors and women needing husbands have now comfort and company and many are being established daily as finding work now poses no problems for all who wills it. All these were only possible because God has repeatedly intervened to give ear and answers to our petitions.

God too has sent nice and wonderful people who are helping us out and one of such blessed people is Michi and Mary Sylvester. They are behind this web. designs and everyday they add something new and interesting to make it what it should be.While we shall continue to invoke God's guidance and blessings to them, we are looking forward to so many others like them who love God and good works to come into partnership with us in the propagation of this Gospel of Jesus Christ, this Gospel of reaching out to the poor and to the less privileged in society, this Gospel of making us one family of achievers.

Our present place of worship is no longer accomodating us and we urgently need a place and would welcome organisations/Families/Communities with larger free halls to help give us a place to worship God. We have a church bus that runs around to pick people hungry to worship God every Sunday but has no resouces or means to make it to the church but recently this bus is off the road and needs a volunteer or group of volunteers to maintain and run it for same purpose.

May I once more thank God for your lives and pray that someone gets a touch to call the Pastor or send to us a message of solidarity that will help move the church forward positively, and be rest assured, our good Lord, who knows how to reward adequately will also work in your own personal needs, Amen.

Signed: Evang. Darlington Onuchukwu


Queen Da Boss (QueenDaBoss@yahoo.com)
Datum:Di 20 Feb 2007 09:32:16 CET

Pastor silvester this is a hit. God has answere our prayer and there're many good things to come, it His work. I like the site is looking good! just exacly how it supposed to be. May God bless and blessed you for the goog work that you're doing that he sent you to do, He has a speicial gift for you in Jesus Name! Keep it up wherever you are and always have this back of your mind: God loves you, never forget and never give up in time of truble, temptation and tryals, just keep on doing it. There're a reward for you.....

I wish you all the best you wish for yourself and your Family may come through...

Queen Da Boss


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