God Wants You To Be Something Big – Right Here

If you have known Blessing Embassy of Royal Family Baptist Church for any length of time, you´ve probably figured out by now that we go everywhere, we go; say everything we say; and do eveything we do - all for our partners. Our Partners mean the world to us, each and everyone of them.

Together, as the Body of Christ, we are the Body of Christ anointing on the earth today. Each one of us has a God-given supply of anointing to offer the rest of the body. You have a supply of God’s anointing that I need. I have a supply of God’s anointing that you need. But in order for that anointing to flow among us in it’s greatest potential, we must join together. We must become Divinely connected.
How? Through partnership.

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God’s words tell us that partnership in ministry is the most powerful relationship on the face of the earth. It is a covenant relationship, based on the blood of Jesus. It is a relationship of the highest honor. Consequently it is a relationship of the highest commitment. At Royal Family House Church, partnership is more than just a commitment - it’s a covenant relationship.

We know that God provides for our ministry through serious prayers, words of encouragement, and support. And in turn, we do everything we can, to be a blessing to you. We fast and pray for you every day, stand in faith for God’s anointing in your life, work to minister to your needs through every available voice.

Partnership allows each of us to join anointing - together - to be stronger and touch more lives than we could individually. So whether you are a manager or single mother, God wants you to be a part of something big here.

We want to join in covenant with you, and watch, as God does big things through our combined anointing -together - nothing is impossible.

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If God touches you and directs you to join in covenant partnership with us, just call the church office:
Phone: 0049-761-766-569-32  or  0049-174-561-7429


Yes, Brother Sylvester, I would like to join your team by becoming a partner today. You can count on my monthly support to help to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations!

Send your donations to the Royal Family Christian Center-Freiburg:

Name: International Baptist Church
Account number: 10120334
Bank: Sparkasse Freiburg 
BLZ: 680 501 01

International Bank Account Number:

SWIFT-Code: DE33 6805 0101 0010 1203 34


ny amount is greatly appreciated.