Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I bring you Apostolic Salutation of victory and triumph from the front-lines of the battlefields in the name of the one who died, rose and ascended into the heavens and assumes the position of intersession in Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Heaven is set and pitched for warfare and awaiting the prayers of the saints to effect a divine blow and onslaught on the satanic kingdom. The enemy, with no respect to protocol has launched a devastating attack on the spiritual, social, and political arena and desires to fulfil the quest on this calendar.
The signs are clear on the walls and the mighty men of God must arise.

 Send your prayers!


Proclaim ye this among the Gentiles; Prepare war, wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near; let them come up Joel 3:9

Prepare for war! Wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near...
For too long we have become secured by false defence and have adopted a "crisis management" approach. It is time to arise in fasting and prayer and the highest divine plane of "crisis prevention".

The doors have been opened, our ranks are divided; the foundations have been tampered with; and the horn of the wicked have been set against us. Then I looked up – and there before me where four horn!

I asked the angel who was speaking to me, "What are these?" He answered me, "These are the horns that scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem." Zech. 1:18:21

I will cut off the horns of all the wicked, but the horns of the righteous will be lifted up.
Psalm 75:10

Queen Esther arose from her comfort zone when she realized the satanic threats against her position and the placement of her people.

If you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. Esther 4:14

Every vision and satanic projection is for an appointed time! We have to humble, dismantle and abort it from its satanic wombs before it is birthed.

God’s people, "Heaven must answer earth in these matters" . If my people that are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land. Chron. 7:14

Your prayer: May you be imbued with power from the Holy Ghost to fire on all cylinders and remain consistent and stable at high altitudes.

May His right hand and prophetic word preserve you and your home, families, businesses and all your investments. May you return after many days of prayer with shouts of praise. The God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly. Rom 16:20

Yours for demolishing giant walls and strongholds
Rev. Sylvester Peprah-Kwakye 





1. Ask the Lord to forgive every known and unknown sin in your heart, thoughts
and flesh. 1 John 1:9, Prov. 23:13

2. Stand in the gap and ask for forgiveness for the sins of your family and
loved ones. Ezekiel 22:30

3. Pray that the Holy Spirit will convict you anytime you desire past sins.
Galatians 5:1

4. Employ the blood of Jesus to cover up and bring emotional healing and
restoration from scars of past sins. Hebrews 9:14

5. Overthrow every lying accusation of the Devil against you. Hebrews 9:14

6. Pray for Grace to reconcile with those you offended and those who offended
you. Ephesians 4:32


Prayer for healing and preservation

1. Pray and take authority over every affliction and destroy the impact of
sickness in your life ... Exodus 15:26

2. Declare long life and good health in your life and family. Deut 34:7

3. Sickness and diseases are the result of the curse on man; declare your
redemption from every curse. Galatians 3:13

4. Regardless of what you see on you in the natural, declare that Christ has
healed you already. Isaiah 55:11

5. Curse the root of every infirmity on you and declare that the price for your
is already paid. Matthew 8:17

6. Declare that you are healed by the stripes of Jesus. Isaiah 53:5

7. Bind and cast out sickness or disease on your body in Jesus` name. Matthew 8:18

8. Over through satanic hindrances in every area of your life. 1 Thessalonians 2:18

9. Claim your healing now in Jesus name.

10. Pray for grace to walk in obedience and not to provoke disease upon your life.
Deut 7:15


Prayer for our children

1. Over through the spirit of stagnation and setback confronting their progress
in life. Zechariah 4:9

2. Take authority over prison wall that caged their life, prophesy and command
turn around.

3. Cancel every assignment of death against the children, in Jesus name.
Psalm 118:17

4. Loose their minds from Satanic controls. 1 Sam 2:12

5. Pray reverential fear of God to be dominant factor in their lives. Psalm 34:11

6. Over through every negative peer pressure in their lives. Prov. 13:20

7. Prophesy that your children shall be like olive trees around your house. Psalm 128:3

8. Pray that your children will be blessed with supernatural intelligence. Exodus 31:3

9. Break any strange spiritual visitations and contact by night and day. Romans 8:14, 16

10. Declare their release from lustful trappings of the world. Romans 6:12

11. Cut off soul-tie relationships that they are trapped in and declare their
release in divine liberty. 2 Timothy 3:2, 5-6


Prayer for singles & marriages

1. Pray and destroy every horn operating and hindering singles in the church
from getting married and declare them married by decree, to en after God’s
heart. Pray to disentangle them from their past. Heb 13:4

2. Pray for supernatural protection and deliverance for all pregnant women in
the church. Demand divine exemption from the predictions and calculations
of spiritual wickedness in high places.

3. Pray against family altars empowered to monitor and destroy marriages.

4. Command every anti-marriage seal on your life to be cursed by the blood of
Jesus. Isaiah 62:5

5. Break all evil covenants of false and lateness in the Name of Jesus. Habakkuk 2:3

6. Break every anti-marriage horn enforcing Satanic predictions through the
family bloodline.

7. Pray that the Lord will open their eyes to see and to relocate them to
discover their ordained partners for their lives. Genesis 21:19

8. Pray that their past mistakes and experiences will not hinder experiencing
God’s best for their lives. Acts 17:30

9. Pull down every veil and masks that the enemy has placed over the singles.

10. Undo the utterances of rivals and ill-wishers against their future relationships
and marriages.

Decree and send back to the enemy any spiritual bride-price paid or received on your behalf in Jesus Name.


Prayer for all pastors in the world

1. Pray that God would give all the pastors the strength of the horse, the eye of
the eagle and the courage of the lion. Job 39:10, Prov 28:1

2. Pray for the preservation of all pastors in the main and branch churches.
Hos. 12:13

3. Pray that God will perfect everything that concerns the pastors and the work
entrusted in their hands.

4. Pray that the will of the Lord for the pastors` family will come to pass.

5. Pray for divine replacement of people with evil intentions who have access to
these pastors.

6. Pray against all forms of which hunting investigated by Satan to distract the
pastors and the congregation from God’s purposes concerning their lives
and calling.

7. Pray that the pastors would be more inclined to the things of the Spirit. Pray
that they would be sensitive and alert the voice of God.
Eph 6:18, Peter 4:7, Matt 26:41

8. Pray that the pastors would keep their tongue would not be divided.
Joel 2:7 & 8, 1 Chron. 12:23

9. Pray that the pastors would sensitive and alert against witchcraft and
occult activities, manipulation and operations and would not be susceptible
to any satanic attack. 1 Peter 5:8 & 9

10. Pray for renewed strength ad increase in God’s grace, wisdom, favour
anointing, powered upon each pastor. 2 Cor. 9:8, Eph 3:16, Is 40:29-31

Project by the power of the Holy Spirit the anointing for excellence and for unusual miracles over all the pastors. Daniel 6:3, Acts 19:11


Pray for all churches in the world

1. Pray for the harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God. Luke10:2

2. Pray for the networking of men of GOD labouring all other the world. 1 Thess. 3:1 & 2

3. Pray for the end time revival to break forth over all the nations of the world. Joel 3:13

4. Pray that God would create conditions and right circumstances to bring into our walls
     those whom God has marked from the foundation of the earth to be amongst us.

5. Pray that God gives the treasure of darkness and the hidden riches of secret
into the hands of his people. Isaiah 45:3

6. Pray that the church of Jesus Christ would take its rightful position in the world. Deut 28:13

7. Pray for the leaders of the church in this nation that they would hear the voice
of God and lead the people of God according to the dictates of the Spirit. 1 Tim 2:1-3

8. Pray that God in his sovereignty would set in order everything that needs to be
set in order. 1 Chron 12:33 & 38

9. Pray that the vision of the church and the needs of the churches would be met. Hab. 2:3

10. Pray that the love and unity would prevail amongst the members of the church
and the will of God for each member will be fulfilled. Psalm 133:1


Prayers for the leaders of the nations

1. Pray and cast out the horns that scatters every good thing that is outlined
and purposed for the people of the world. Zech 1:19-21

2. Pray for the leaders of the nation that they would operate under the guidance of God
and take decisions that will favour the cause of God in the nation.

3. Pray for an outpouring of the spirit of God over this nation and an interception
of every plan of the enemy. Acts 3:19, Joel 2. 28-29

4. Pray for the healing of the economy and for the socio-economic needs of
the people and nations to be met. 2 Chron 7:14

5. Pray that God will raise up the David’s, Joseph’s and Esther’s to influence the

6. Pray against and destroy every plan of the enemy to cause war bloodshed,
chaos, anarchy and confusion in the land. Psalm 144:4-5

7. Cancel and nullify every witchcraft covenant that has been enacted with the
Devil by the leaders of the nations. Numbers 23:23

8. Pray for the ministers of State to operate with divine counsel and direction. 
Prov. 24:6

9. Declare that every Ahithophel controlled by the dark world in government will
favour. 2 Sam 15:31

10. Prophesy and release the leaders from any satanic cycle of failure that has
been set against total liberation and independence of people. Ezekiel 12:22-23


Prayer against Satanic Horns
1. Break the horn of poverty and lack that has been in your family from generations.
Proverbs 3:33

2. Reverse the horn of dissatisfaction in all the things you do.
Leviticus 26:5

3. Break the horns of idol worship in the family.

4. Pray to destroy any horn of witchcraft influence and threatening over your
life and the lives of your loved ones.
Isaiah 54:17, Isaiah 59:19

5. Pray to destroy every horn and occult prediction especially in the attempts
to destabilize the peace and tranquility of the nation.
1 Tim 2.1-2

6. Pray to destroy all horns of witchcraft and occult activities, manipulations,
projections, schemes and operation against the church.
Exodus 22:18, Deut 18 10:12

7. Revoke the horn of much labor and less harvest in the name of Jesus.
Haggai 1:6

8. Break loose from every horn that causes you to have fear of death,
rejection, bareness, traveling, darkness, insects, future, failure...
Psalm 56:11, Eccl 5:19  

Prayer for yourself
1. Pray that you would stand perfect of your life. Repent from anything that
does not please God, and confer your life to God’s word.
2 Chron 7:14, Is 57:15, Is 55:7, Prov 28:13

2. Pray that God would cause you to growing your relationship with him.
Pray for a deepening of your relationship with God.
Dan 11:32 b Phil 3:10

3. Pray against every work of Satan, every witchcraft and occult influence
and interference in your life. Deal with every satanic and demonic activity
from your background.
Is 54:14-17

4. Pray to release the miracles, breakthrough, answers to your prayers which
have been held back in the heavenlies. Break the power of controlling
spirits from your family, village and various locations of your operations
(e.g. Where you live, work)
Dan 10:12-14, Is 15:27 


 Breaking Ancestral Holds over the Nations

1. Confessions and repentance on behalf of the people of the nations,
by the church of Jesus Christ in the land.
2 Chron 7:14

2. Ask that the blood of Jesus Christ be employed for the forgiveness of our sins.
Eph 1:7

3. Pray that watchers shall be raised to stand in the gap for the Nations.
Ezekiel 22:30

4. Demand that through the blood of Jesus that the advantage that the powers of darkness have over the minds of the people in the land be broken.
Rev. 12:11

5. Pray and reverse the negative mind-set of the people towards Christ and the Gospel.
2 Corinth 3:14-18, 10:3-5

6. Confront the abominations before God in the land of Germany, and the nations of the
Deut 18:9-13

7. Drive away by prayer power every foreign gods, breaking altars and images in the world.
Exodus 34:10-14

8. Reverse the order in the land that makes Germans disadvantaged in their own land.
Lamentations 5:1-9

9. Demand through the blood of Jesus that the righteous in the land will be glad and rejoice.
Psalm 32:11, Psalm 33:1

10. Demand the kind of divine blessing that will go abroad and make the ends of the earth
fear God because of us.
Psalm 67:7


Prayer for Divine Establishment

1. Pray and ask that every inheritance boundary that the enemy has broken in be rebuilt and established.
Eccl 10:8

2. Declare restoration of wasted years.
Joel 2:25

3. Undo every agenda of the dark world to employ the elements of the weather and natural disasters i.e. floods, lightning, rain, storms, earthquakes, land-slides etc., to take away our divine establishment.

4. Let my King Uzziah die so I can see your glory in my life in the name of Jesus.
Isaiah 6:1

5. Pray and cancel every spell, jinxes and demonic incantations rendered against me to make me loose my foundation.

6. I possess the power to pursue, overtake and recover my goods from hard labor in Egypt.

7. I declare that the fire of God consume the evil clock of the enemy working against my life in Jesus name.

8. I pray and enter the chambers of demonic covens by the spirit of God and destabilize with the battle axe of Jehovah that which has been planted against my establishment.

9. Prophesy and declare that every physical wall and spiritual opposition on my way to my divine success be brought down after the order of Jericho in Jesus name.

10. Pray and enforce that the blessing of God make me rich in all spheres of my life without sorrow.
Proverbs 10:22

Breaking Household Wickedness

1. Pray and declare that every Balaam hired to curse me fall after the order of Balaam.

2. Declare that every destructive plan within my palace and under my roof at home in, my office and family blow up in their faces in Jesus name.

3. Let the strong men of every spirit of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram marshaled against me be broken.

4. Pray and ask that all broadcasters of my goodness be silenced.

5. Let every spirit of Goliath receive stones of fire to stop their boastings against the Lords Children.

6. Employ the rod of God to become an instrument of wrath against your contenders.

7. Employ the clouds of God’s glory to overshadow and abide upon your life.
Exodus 24:15-16

8. Declare that the promotion of the Lord will single you out of the lot.
Psalm 45:7

9. Command every cycle of satanic jealousy in your life to be broken in Jesus name.

10. Pray that the Lord will go ahead of you in every venture and make the hidden things plain for you.
Isaiah 48:6

11. Declare that those that dig graves for you will be buried in their own graves.
Probverbs 26:27